Meet Enya Escote


Name: Enya Escote

Location: Macau SAR, China

Skin condition: Eczema throughout body + psoriatic arthritis on hands

I feel like people with skin conditions often have a one-line explanation that they use to explain their skin condition to others. Tell us yours. 

I used to briefly tell people I am allergic to a lot of food but ever since my allergies worsened, I’ve come to understand that it has been my topical steroid creams that heightened the severity. My go-to line lately is along the lines of “the medicine I was prescribed wasn’t helping so I’m letting it heal naturally.”

What are you up to in life right now? 

 Well, as a Christian, going through tough patches in life, like going through the initial stages of topical steroid withdrawal, can challenge my faith and trust in Him. These past few months I’ve been reading the Bible, watching interviews, listening to sermons and finding other books on how healing works. I’ve been trying to learn and understand more about how God has healed people in the past and how He has been doing it these days. 

I’ve also been planning my travels for this summer and 2020’s summer. I’m quite concerned for my skin and how it may react when I jump to foreign climates, so I’ve been trying to research on how to arrange plans as best as possible!

Tell us about the Positive Skin Project. Why did you decide to start it? 

The Positive Skin Project (IG @PositiveSkinProject) is a project where every day, someone shares their journey battling with eczema, psoriasis and so on. They open up about how their skin condition has impacted their lives. Along with that, they share photos like how they look with and without their flare ups. Just as the name suggests, the sharing is done in an optimistic manner, so other eczema/psoriasis warriors can gather and meet.

Initially I just wanted an account to share my journey. I then realized that I could do more to help other people so I made it into a project after reading 2 Corinthians 12:11 which reads “My weakness becomes a portal for God’s power.” I thought to myself, If God just healed me immediately years ago, I would not have suffered so much, but I also would not have been able to initiate this project to inspire and help so many people. Going through all this pain with my skin conditions actually does not drag me down. Instead, He uses that aspect of my life to lift others up!

Fashion, faith, and veganism are all a big part of your life. How do they each influence your relationship with your skinand the way you've made peace with it overtime? 

 Everyone knows I love fashion! My skin conditions have undeniably made it harder to always mix and match clothing. I’ve had to give away a lot of clothing because it was often irritating my skin. I had to search harder to find suitable pieces but still good-looking ones. I don’t really find myself trying to “make peace” with that struggle. Instead, when I go shopping, good style and trends aren’t all I look into, but comfort and quality as well.

My flare ups definitely had me asking many questions, but to an extent it actually strengthened my faith. My faith and perspective have allowed me to find the courage to not only lift myself up, but others that are going through this too. I suppose it has helped me make peace with my skin.

To be frank, going vegan is not hard for me. I actually prefer vegetables anyway over meat. I am possibly anemic so I have to be a lot more cautious with what I eat now to make sure I’m healthy. I also do a lot of sports so protein needs to be a big part of my diet. Initially these adjustments weren’t easy but I enjoy the process of having a healthier way of living.

Where can we keep up with you? 

 You can find me on Instagram @PositiveSkinProject or my personal account @e5cote!

Sarah Harris