Meet Krista Dormiedy


Name: Krista Dormiedy

Age: 26

Occupation: Dental Treatment Coordinator

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Skin Condition: Psoriasis

I feel like people with skin conditions often have a one-line explanation that they use to explain their skin condition to others. Tell us yours. 

I have psoriasis, which essentially means that my body doesn’t think I produce enough skin cells in a timely manner, so it speeds up that process, resulting in thick scales.

What are you up to in life right now? 

Right now I am enjoying being recently married to my wonderful husband, Dean. We also moved into a new community last year and are enjoying getting to know our new neighbors.  We recently became aunt and uncle to a gorgeous boy in December, & will again for the second time in August!  Our friend & family circles are growing and we are so exciting for all these new adventures!

I love your Instagram account, because it's full of pictures of you really owning your skin and showing us your psoriasis. Why did you decide to start documenting your life with psoriasis in a public way? 

I choose to document my psoriasis journey publicly because I feel there is a need for positive representation for those living with skin conditions like me.  When I was younger, the only thing I could find online were negative publications & uninviting photos that made me feel as though my skin was something to hide.  Today, I am part of a community that embraces our differences and we help lift each other up in such a positive way.  My hope is that I can impact someone else in a positive way that makes them feel a little less self-conscious about themselves.

 You were in a clinical trial last year that dramatically - though temporarily - reduced the appearance of your spots. You wrote that you felt like a little bit of an imposter, because your skin disease wasn't as visible anymore. I'm curious if you could tells us more about what that felt like and how it impacted your identity. 

It is such a weird feeling!  When you have psoriasis, all you can think about is the itching and pain that is associated with it, and wishing that away.  However, as soon as my spots disappeared, it felt as though nothing made me different anymore.  I felt like an imposter because I was advocating for those with skin conditions to feel better about themselves, when I didn’t have those spots myself.  Psoriasis really does become a huge part of your life and I am proud that I can share it so confidently & courageously, especially for those who cannot.

What advice do you have for those of us who are still making peace with our skin? 

Time and patience are your friend.  Confidence and openness don’t happen overnight. It took me many years to be confident & open about my psoriasis.  I know it sounds so cliché, but take each day at a time, and at your own pace.  Start with something small, like wearing your hair up, or wearing a 3-quarter sleeve shirt, small steps can make a big difference!  However, the main thing you need to remember is to love yourself and be happy with YOU first.

 You live on the ocean in Halifax. What do you love about it, and how does it impact your skin? 

The ocean is an old friend that gives back in so many ways.  For me personally the salt water helps my psoriasis to become less red and inflamed, I could soak in it all day long. I also find floating in the ocean, or even just sitting on the beach smelling the salty air, to be so calming and peaceful.  The ocean helps me in so many therapeutic ways, both physically and mentally.  


Where can we keep up with you? 

I have a few spots that you can find me! 

Instagram @pspotted




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