Meet Ashley Wall


Name: Ashley Wall

Age: 31

Occupation: Contributing Writer and Blogger 

Location: New Jersey

Skin Condition: Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis

I feel like people with skin conditions often have a one-line explanation that they use to explain their skin condition to others. Tell us yours. 

I always say it's a full-time job looking after my skin. You never really know what to expect, but must be prepared at all times.

What are you up to in life right now? 

Right now I'm working on promoting a new product (via social media) with a major retailer. Hopefully, this product will help lots of people with sensitive skin and eczema. Also, just researching and bring the latest eczema stories to my followers. 

You have a blog, Itchin' Since '87, where you share eczema-related news, products, and other content. Why did you decide to start blogging about eczema? 

I started Itchin’ Since '87 because I've always wanted to blog. I love writing and I am extremely passionate about helping others suffering from eczema. At the time there weren't too many other bloggers talking about their skin conditions. Now, it's wonderful seeing the eczema community thrive and flourish! I should also mention that I was laid off from my dream job in the city. Whomp, whomp, but it was the best thing that could have happened. 

What have you learned about advocacy since starting the blog? Are there particular eczema-related issues you really feel compelled to talk about?

I can't believe how many people appreciate a voice speaking out. Also, this was long overdue. There are many misconceptions about eczema, and it's quite dangerous when people spread false information such as eczema being contagious. I really think that mental health and eczema are largely overlooked. There are a million and one products, but living with eczema is a HUGE HUGE HUGE adjustment. You have to mentally prepare yourself for the uncertainty of triggers. While someone can just get up and go about their day, with eczema, you really have to plan ahead and be ready for anything at a moment’s notice. 

You've basically turned your disease into your careerand I imagine that comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Tell us about them. 

There have been so many benefits, I've interacted with people from all over the world. I've laughed and cried at some of the heart wrenching stories because they're all too familiar. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a drawback, but I ALWAYS want to be authentic. Especially as someone who still battles eczema to this day. 

Where can we keep up with you? 

I'm definitely most active on Instagram @itchin87 and through my blog

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