About skin stories

There aren’t many places on the Internet where you can hear directly from people managing chronic skin conditions while living full lives. Skin Stories aims to change that by delivering those stories, along with tips, tricks, recommendations, and curated content, straight to your inbox every week. We believe that the dominant cultural narrative around skin needs to be changed, because all skin is good skin—we’re living proof.


Sarah is a writer and audio storyteller who’s lived with moderate-to-severe eczema for most of her life. Her work has appeared in Jezebel, New York Magazine’s The Cut, and Slate, and aired on All Things Considered, Morning Edition, NPR Newscast, The World, The Takeaway, and Snap Judgement. Previously, she produced the Forbes podcast Hiding in the Bathroom, was awarded a National Geographic Young Explorer grant, executed feminist marketing campaigns, and was on staff at North Country Public Radio. She holds a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from Clarkson University. Sarah lives in northern New York with her husband, cats, chickens, and llama.


For questions, partnership inquiries, or to share your story, please email Sarah at sarah@skinstories.us